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History and development of Battrang Ceramics & Pottery

History and development of Battrang Ceramics & Pottery
Bat Trang is an ancient village located on the Red River side in the North of Vietnam. Come to the village we began to see the vase, bowl, ceramic displaying along corners & spreading throughout the village. y nghia giay converse: view more

According to what is recorded in the history of the village of Bat Trang, the village has been up to 500 years old. Some ancient bibliographic recorded for the Le profile, 15th century, the imperial tribute to the Ming Dynasty in China include the production of precious objects such as brocade, clothing, silk, pearls, and has also a ceramic product of Bat Trang. But we can say, Bat Trang pottery started to become flourishing in the 16th & 17th century. Many valuable in worship, temples, pagodas, temples found recorded the names of people who donated and processing time in the early of Mac Mau Hop (1560-1592) and Le Trung Hung (1533-1789) dynasty. giay converse chinh hang gia re

In the previous centuries, Bat Trang pottery was mainly worship. Later Bat Trang products has many appliances, the most popular products are dishes, plates, vases, jars, cups. And today, Bat Trang pottery has had several items of diverse types and styles, including items such as wall art plates, vases, ceramics animals, statues with technical and high technology. The collection of Bat Trang ceramic has been reaching the pinnacle of artistic and technical ceramics manufacturing in Vietnam.

Nowadays, Bat Trang ceramic products have not only been famous in the country but also exported to many countries around the world since 1990 such as to Japan, Korea, USA and the  home pagechứng minh tài chínhdịch vụ kế toán thuế s3 giá rẻdịch vụ kế toán thuế uy tínxuatkhaulaodongs3.vngiày converse tốt

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